Articles for November 2015

My First App is on the Apple App Store!

I wrote an iOS app called Nifty Gifty. It organizes your gift giving, allow you to keep tabs on all of your gift-giving events and make lists of what gifts you want to give and who you will give them to. Nifty Gifty notifies you when an event is drawing near so that you have enough time to select the perfect gift!

Nifty Gifty

Strictly speaking, the app is not knitting related. However, it’s the perfect app to use to keep track of knitting gifts you make!

Check it out on the app store:
App Store Link

My First Knitting Project

In early 2011, my mom offered to teach me how to knit. Although I had done other needle crafts, I had never tried knitting, and it was something I was interested in. She sat down with me and taught me the basics — cast on, knit, purl, and cast off. I practiced these for a while and soon I was ready to try making something.

I decided on a 2×2 ribbed scarf using Lion Brand Wool Ease in a nice forest color and my first needles — bamboo circulars. I had to ask my mom to again show me how to cast on, but once I started the ribbing, I got into the hang of it very quickly.

2x2 ribbing

I diligently worked on the scarf, even while traveling and sitting at the airport waiting for a flight. I began to enjoy the rhythm… knit, knit, purl, purl, knit, knit, purl, purl…. It was relaxing for me, and I felt like I was accomplishing something. It wasn’t long before I finished the scarf, and I was (and still am) quite proud of it. Such a simple piece to me now, but that was what started my love affair with knitting.

2x2 Ribbed Scarf

ooOoo Plushie

My favorite creature in the online game Guild Wars 2 is the Quaggan. They are so adorable, and I love it when they sing or do just about anything. This plushie was inspired by the Quaggan. He is a great companion for anything from hanging out at home to adventuring and exploring the world around you. He is super soft and squishy and loves hugs!

ooOoo Plushie

ooOoo PlushieooOoo PlushieooOoo Plushie

The lucky recipient of this adorable cuddle-buddy was my sister for her birthday. I think I will be making another one for myself!

View more details about the pattern here.