Bridal Creations

Last month I got married, and of course I felt the need to hand make something for myself. I ended up settling on two things — a lace knit bolero to wear over my wedding dress, and a pair of crocheted bouquets (in lieu of real flowers) for myself and my maid of honor. I was super happy with how they both turned out, and felt that bit of pride showing off my creations as I walked down the aisle.

I made the lace knit bolero out of a 100% bamboo yarn. I had a hard time finding a lace weight yarn out of wool that was white enough not to look odd over my white dress. The bamboo came the closest.

Knit BoleroKnit Bolero
Photography by Maria Villano

Yarn: South West Trading Company – Xie (100% Bamboo)
Pattern: Matrimonio Bolero
Modifications: Knit sleeves in the round (modified chart to hide the “seam” a bit), added tiny light purple beads. See my Ravelry project for more details.


For the bouquets, I wanted something simple with roses. I found a crochet pattern for a child size rose bouquet, and made some modifications to enlarge it a bit. I found some great colors of yarn in various purples to match the wedding colors. I loved how the roses turned out so much that I ended up making boutonnieres and corsages for others in the wedding party as well!

Bridal Bouquets

Photography by Maria Villano

Yarn: Berroco Vintage
Pattern: bouquet de mariée
Modifications: Larger flowers, longer stem, larger bouquet circumference, larger leaves, added own leaf pattern for boutonnieres and corsages. See my Ravelry project for more details.

Dragon Pouch or Dice Bag Pattern

Dragon Pouch or Dice Bag
Dragon Pouch or Dice Bag

Dragon Pouch or Dice Bag Pattern

This Dragon Pouch is perfect for storing small treasures such as gems or gold coins while you are away from your hoard. Dragons like to game too — use it to carry your dice from game to game!

The pouch is constructed bottom up using intarsia for the dragon design. It uses an i-cord drawstring to close the top.

The finished dimensions are approximately 5.5 inches (14 cm) tall and 5 inches (12.7 cm) in diameter.

View more details about the pattern here or download it for free on Ravelry.

Reversible Dragonflight Bag Pattern

Dragonflight BagDragonflight Bag

Dragonflight Bag

Reversible Dragonflight Bag Pattern

The Reversible Dragonflight Bag is a double knit bag with a reinforced base and two handles. It features a beautiful flying dragon on either side and a spiral design on the ends. It works great as a project bag or for whatever you want to carry. Depending on your mood, you can turn it inside out to reverse the color scheme for a new look!

The finished size is approximately 10.5” by 11” by 3.5” (26.7 by 27.9 by 8.9 cm), not including the handles.

This pattern includes full instructions for double knitting, so it’s a great project for anyone without previous double knitting experience.

View more details about the pattern here.

May Flowers Pillow Pattern

May Flowers Pillow

May Flowers PillowMay Flowers Pillow

May Flowers Pillow Pattern

My mom always used to tell me “April showers bring May flowers.” The May Flowers Pillow captures the image of a new field of flowers growing and stretching toward the sky. Bees love these new flowers and fly about them searching for nectar.

The pillow is constructed with slipped stitches, mini cables, and bobbles. The flower stems and centers are knit as the pillow is knit, and the petals, leaves, and bees are added afterwards.

The pillow can either be knit as a closed pillow seamed at the top, or as a pillow cover with a button flap in the back.

The finished dimensions are approximately 12″ by 12″ (30 by 30 cm).

View more details about the pattern here.

Five Years in the Making – The Tetris Afghan Pattern

Tetris AfghanTetris AfghanTetris Afghan

Tetris Afghan

Tetris was one of my favorite games as a child. There’s something about making the blocks fall into place in an interlocking fashion that is so satisfying to me. One of the first things I did after learning how to knit was to start designing a Tetris afghan. Five years later, the afghan finally became a reality!

The Tetris Afghan is knit as individual squares, which are then joined together using a crochet join into the Tetris pattern. This makes it a very portable project. I created many of the squares on the plane or in the car while traveling.

This is a great beginner blanket. The only knit stitches involved are knit and purl. The squares are joined together using crochet with full illustrated instructions for how to do so.

This pattern contains two different layouts for the Tetris board. Feel free to design your own layout instead!

The finished dimensions are approximately 70″ by 80″ (178 cm by 123 cm).

View more details about this pattern here.

Celtic Knotwork Pillow Pattern

Celtic Knotwork PillowCeltic Knotwork Pillow

Celtic Knotwork PillowCeltic Knotwork Pillow

Celtic Knotwork Pillow Pattern

Celtic knotwork decorates the front and back of this pillow, creating a beautiful accent for any home. The pillow can be knit as either a removable pillow cover with a button flap closure or a fully enclosed pillow with stuffing.

The finished dimensions are approximately 12″ by 12″ (30.5 by 30.5 cm).

View more details about the pattern here.

Celtic Mini Tablet Case Pattern

Celtic Mini Tablet Case

Celtic Mini Tablet CaseCeltic Mini Tablet CaseCeltic Mini Tablet Case

Celtic Mini Tablet Case Pattern

I wanted a soft case for my iPad mini, and I have always loved celtic knots. Knitting lends itself quite well to create celtic knots with cables, so thus the Celtic Mini Tablet Case was born. It is a nice thick case that will protect against scratches. Solid colored yarns show off the celtic pattern quite nicely.

This case is designed for an iPad mini, with a finished size of 6” by 8.5” (15.24 cm by 21.6 cm). It should accommodate smaller tablets with a bit of extra space inside and slightly larger tablets with some stretch.

View more details about the pattern here.

Flow State Scarf Pattern

Flow State Scarf

Flow State ScarfFlow State Scarf

Flow State Scarf Pattern

“Flow State” or being “in the zone” describes a person being completely absorbed in what they are doing. This often leads to higher productivity and greater enjoyment of the task. Flow state is exactly how I feel about knitting. When I really get into a rhythm, the stitches just flow. It is almost a form of meditation, which helps me relax and reduce stress.

I named this scarf “Flow State”, not only to represent this form of concentration when knitting, but also to represent the flow of a river. The curves flow along the length of the scarf just as a river flows around its banks. The scarf is thick and squishy, perfect for cold weather days. The ribbed pattern is also reversible.

View more details about the pattern here.

Elf Hat for Christmas

This year I knit myself a present. Since I often play the elf, giving everyone in my family plenty of hand made gifts, I made myself an elf hat. I didn’t want it to look too much like a santa hat, so I chose a pattern with stripes and used green and white.

Elf Hat

The pattern is called Striped Stocking Caps, and includes a child size, small adult size, and large adult size. I made the small adult size.

The yarns I used were:

  • Cascade Pluscious in White for the brim and pom pom
  • Cascade 220 in Christmas Green and White for the hat body

Elf Hat

Although the pattern is perfectly fine as is, I couldn’t help making a few modifications:

  • Use size 6 needles for the brim (the Pluscious yarn knits up thicker) and size 7 for the hat.
  • Knit 40 rows for the brim to make a very wide folded up brim.
  • First stripe in green is 11 rows. Then each stripe after that is 10 rows.
  • Decreases are on rows 41, 51, 56, 61, 66, 71, 76, 81, etc.
  • The final stripe (in green) goes down to 8 stitches. Then knit 5 more rows and thread the end through the stitches and tie off.

Check out my Ravelry project for the hat.

I’m looking forward to wearing it on Christmas morning!