Rainbow Baby Blanket

I made this rainbow baby blanket last year for some friends of mine with a new baby girl. The idea behind this style of blanket is that the yarn is held double, combining two colors at once for each square. This creates a very nifty blending of colors that appeals to the eye.

Rainbow Baby Blanket

Ravelry project

I based this blanket off of the Double Vision pattern, though I didn’t use the pattern directly. Each row and column uses the same color throughout, only changing the second color. So, for example, a single row would have squares made of pink/pink, pink/yellow, pink/green, pink/blue, etc. If you look at it up close you can see the separate colors, but from farther away, each set combines to form a new color.

The technique I used to create the squares is called “mitered squares”. Basically, each square is knit in an L shape, which forms an interesting diagonal line down the middle. I hate seaming, so for each square and its border, I picked up and knit the stitches directly onto the existing squares instead of knitting them all separately.

Rainbow Baby Blanket Mitered Squares

The yarn is Caron Simply Soft Light. It’s a DK weight, acrylic yarn, that lives up to its name of softness. As a machine washable yarn, it’s great for babies since their things often need cleaning.

When I showed this blanket to my mom before giving it as a gift, she loved it so much that she wanted me to create a second one exactly the same just for her!

My First Knitting Pattern – Fire Dragon Scarf

I’m excited to announce that I just published my very first knitting pattern, the Fire Dragon Scarf.

Fire Dragon Scarf
Fire Dragon ScarfFire Dragon Scarf - GreenIMG_4339a_web

In the pictures, you can see that I made two versions of this scarf, one in black and a fire-themed colorway (Universal Yarns Classic Shades), and another in black and green (Cascade 220 Superwash). The last picture is myself and my boyfriend, Chris, using the scarves to keep warm in Yosemite in winter. I made the green and black one longer by lengthening the solid section, since he is much taller than me. I’ve always loved dragons, and these were so much fun to design and knit!

Buy this pattern now on Ravelry or Etsy.

Welcome to the Nifty Knitter!

Welcome! You can read about me on the About page, so rather than introducing myself, I’m going to talk about why I love knitting.

There are two main reasons why knitting really speaks to me. The first is simply that I love crafting. I love being able to take materials and make something out of them. From some yarn and a few tools, you can use knitting to create such awesome items as sweaters, socks, even stuffed animals. There are so many different ways to create knit fabric that the possibilities are endless. You can see as much when you look at just how many patterns are published on a site like Ravelry.com daily! Crafting is alive and well even in this modern age.

The second reason why I love knitting is that it is a form of meditation for me. The repetitive motions of the needles and the tactile sensations of the yarn and needles help me relax and focus. I don’t have any experience with traditional meditation, and I’m usually doing something like watching TV while I knit. Nonetheless, knitting clears my mind, relaxes me, and helps me focus on whatever else is happening around me. Granted, some knitting patterns are more complicated than others and require a little more focus, but there are many that just allow you to get in a rhythm. I can knit for hours upon hours at a time.

If you’re new here, check out my Knitting Patterns. I’ve only just started designing, but I already have one pattern published and a few more in the works. I plan to add many more!